What's in this course?

Working with people often means we find the diversity of clients interesting and motivating, but what happens when you have a client who is plain hard work - and is making the task in hand extra difficult?

We are all someones challenging client! Yes even YOU!

This mini course will look at all the reasons we can find certain clients challenging (as opposed to difficult) and will give you tools to improve your performance and their experience as a customer.  Sorting out conflict doesnt equal confrontation - it just requires better communication and you can learn this skill.

Specifically we will look at techniques to understand what the issue is, how we can manage it for a win-win outcome, and as a result how to reinvigorate your mojo and sustainability as a business.  Perhaps that dreaded complainer has a valid point? Perhaps that late payer is going to help you improve payment times and perhaps you can update policy and practices to make your work more enjoyable, whilst attracting an improved client base?

Knowing where to start is painful, and you may be tempted to procrastinate, but make the first step here, with this course.  By improving your own people skills you will gain confidence in dealing more efficiently with challenging clients at an earlier stage - giving you more time to spend on clients and patients who you enjoy working with.   

Let this course lead you towards a better client relationship and a more rewarding working day, every day.  

Course curriculum

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    • Working with Challenging Clients

By Guest Instructor

Sue Wheeler BSc

Sue is the founder of EcoHolistics, a new concept in personalising your well being, combining a passion for proactive health promotion & training with environmental responsibility