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I’ve run my own business since 1997 & I know the problems that small business owners face, combining this experience with my Master’s Degree in Business (MBA) gives me unique and unparalleled insights in to the world in which small business owners live. From 1997 – 2012 that business was in dentistry, since then I’ve worked exclusively in marketing within healthcare. My MBA is a unique tool that allows me to probe in to the depths of any business and use analytical tools to work out what’s wrong and help you develop a solution – when you add in the wondrous power of NLP to do the same thing with your mind you end up with a truly winning formula. I also ran my own business with 20 staff, did an MBA in the evenings and weekends for 4 years plus I have 4 kids so I know all about busy lives and communicating with the people around you in order to get the results that are beneficial to all. So, chose now to listen to the words of wisdom in this guide, consume the contents with a passion for change that allows you to see things in a new and brighter light. Grab hold of the tools I present for you and chose to utilise them in your own life, and finally use my concept to work out what needs to be done in your life to achieve what you want. Enjoy, and please stay in touch.