Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2

    The basic principles

    • Principals of Success

  • 3


    • Anchoring explanation and practical

    • Anchoring exercise

  • 4

    Traits of successful people and anchoring a circle of excellence

    • Anchoring traits of successful people

    • Traits of successful people exercise

  • 5

    Cartesian logic and secondary gain

    • Cartesian Logic

  • 6

    Problem solving

    • Problem Solving Video 1

    • Problem Solving Video 2

    • Problem Solving Video 3

    • Problem Solving Video 4

    • Problem Solving Video 5

  • 7

    Values Level Thinking

    • PART 1 - [Watch This First]

    • PART 2 Values level thinking analysis

    • PART 3 - Interpretation Of Results

Why why take this course?

We all need a roadmap to boost our success, it gives us an idea of where we're going, where we've been and crucially, where we need to stop along the way. One of my key principles here is that of modelling. Successful people thinking successful ways, they do successful things which ultimately manifests success. If we are able to model those ways of thinking we can also achieve success in a more expeditious way. This doesn't cut out the hard graft of understanding how to run a business, nor does it give you any technical/clinical skills in whatever your chosen profession is… But it will affect your mindset, and it's only with a good mindset that we can ultimately be successful.


Find out all this and more...

  • What are the basic guiding principles of successful people, what do they do and how can we utilise these skills ourselves?

  • If we know what outcomes we want, we can work to achieve them, right? So, what is a well formed outcome that helps us achieve it?

  • How to feel what ever you want to feel at any given point, and how to help your clients do the same. Excellent for managing your own personal response to difficult situations at work.

  • What are Cartesian coordinates? And how can we use this mathematical principle to improve business success and performance?

  • How do we solve problems? Understanding how we solve problems helps us achieve greater performance and helps us explain things better to our clients and patients, thereby increasing compliance to our health and wellness advice.

  • What prevents your clients or patients from taking action on your excellent advice? Many people suffer from ‘secondary gain’, this prevents them from taking your excellent advice and implementing it, but what is secondary gain, how can we understand it, and how can we help overcome it?

  • Understanding how we progress in this world and how that links to business success is a vital strategy in boosting your ultimate success. This is a values level thinking!

  • Understanding the keys to an achievable outcome, having this knowledge ensures we can stick to our business plan and strategy.

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