Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2


  • 3

    What techniques can we use?

    • Cause and effect

    • What techniques can we use PART 1

    • What techniques can we use: PART 2

  • 4

    The foundations of success

    • Reality and problems

    • The Foundations of Personal Success

  • 5

    Understanding communication

    • The communication model

    • The Communication Model

  • 6

    The fundamentals of rapport

    • The fundamentals of rapport

  • 7

    Using our new found knowledge

    • Using our new found knowledge

  • 8

    Summary of learning

    • Summary of learning

    • What's Coming up next

Here's what this amazing course covers

We've all heard about unknown unknowns. These are things about which we have no understanding, and to compound that, we don't even know that we have no understanding! The 7 Steps to Awaken & Invigorate Your Success Mindset is your first step to enlightenment and realisation of the many things the world's most successful people do about which you have no knowledge, they are your unknown unknowns (at least until you take this course). ...and there's always room for improvement, so even if you believe you have access to all of the knowledge and information required, then this course will challenge you to think differently and move even further forwards on your successful journey. Understanding these basic principles will give you a new perspective on how your mind works and how easily it can be to make long and lasting changes in both your personal and professional lives. This course forms the basis of your learning and knowledge in all other courses, yet is still an incredibly useful resource in itself.

Here's what you'll learn

The 7 Steps to Awaken & Invigorate Your Success Mindset

  • What is Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)?

  • How can this be beneficial?

  • Is everything you perceive real?

  • Looking at the world in a completely different way from a completely different perspective.

  • What is the communication model and how does this affect the way we communicate with others?

  • Are you at cause or at effect?

  • How to use communication skills and our understanding of the world around us to make a practical difference in our business performance.

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