What's it about?

25 minute video lesson

This is a humdinger of a mini course.

It explains why some people find it more difficult to achieve success than others. It explains why some people accidentally destroy their business after they put so much time and effort into it. 

It explains why some people seem to find success so easy. So the question is now, which way are your values driving you? 

Values underpin everything you do. They help you decide on what action to take in any given situation and inform your right and wrong. 

And yet, many people have values which conflict or drive them in unhelpful directions. Having conflicting values can destroy businesses and make performance and success seem like a continuous struggle. 

Are your values unwittingly driving you in the wrong direction? 

Having an understanding of your values and what underpins them is therefore critical for a successful business. In this short course I take a look at: 

  • What are values? 
  • Where do values come from? 
  • What's the motivation behind our values?
  •  What are values conflicts and how can we begin to resolve them?
  • Are your values driving you in the wrong direction without you knowing?