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Meditation for Stress

- beginners

Perhaps you don't know where to start..Or maybe you tried it but haven't practiced for ages. Or you think its all a bit 'woo woo weirdness...' Many organisations and individuals are now using mindfulness and meditation as a stress management tool both at home and work, and there's never been a better time to learn. Anyone can do it! You can learn how to relax your mind and body, how to focus better, how to be mindful of your thoughts, and how to be more aware of your relationship with yourself and others - which is particularly helpful when faced with challenges at work and home causing you stress. This is a really basic simple mini course to empower you to manage stress better at home and work, using easy, short examples of different techniques that are easy to practice. It isnt about spending hours in the lotus pose chanting - it can be as simple as sitting at your desk and breathing mindfully for a few minutes. Learn how to make meditation accessible, simple and rewarding for body and mind whether you are new to it or just need a refresher. This course can be used as a guided meditation practice both to learn 4 different techniques and as a stand alone guided meditation practice whenever you want to give it a go - just by replaying the video.