How to collect reviews

… And then use them in your marketing

Collecting Google and Facebook reviews does 2 key things in your marketing:

  • Increases trust.
  • Decreases risk.

Increasing Trust and Reducing Risk are the key marketing message for any dental practice!

Reviews also act as social proof.  It is a well-known phenomenon that the general public look to their peers to identify the right thing to do, having a good number of reviews indicates to potential patients that people, just like them,  are visiting your practice and having a good experience.

Join me as I reveal to you a simple system for automatically collecting reviews on both Facebook and Google and then using these reviews in your marketing to build trust and reduce risk.

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What's in this course?

A simple system for collecting and utilising reviews

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • Why collect reviews?

  • 2

    How to Collect Reviews

    • What to ask for in a review [Copy & Paste Template]

    • How to create a link to ask for Google reviews

    • How to create a link to ask for Facebook reviews

    • Asking for reviews with SMS [Copy & Paste Template]

    • Asking for reviews with e-mail [Copy & Paste Template]

    • How to shorten links for use in SMS when collecting reviews

    • Review buttons for you to download and use in your marketing

  • 3

    Adding reviews to your website

    • How to display reviews from multiple platforms on your website, with auto updating

  • 4

    Dealing with Negative Reviews

    • How to turn the situation around

    • How to deal with negative reviews

    • Responses for general negative reviews [Copy & Paste Template]

    • Response for negative reviews [If patient is comparing private dentistry to NHS and complaining] [Copy & Paste Template]

    • Response for negative review [If you believe this is not a patient of yours] [Copy & Paste Template]

    • How to remove negative or false Google reviews

  • 5


    • How to make 'review images' for sharing on social media

    • How to use reviews to attract more people to your website

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Radically change the way you think about marketing

Presented by

Principal Instructor for Marketing & Personal Development Courses

Mark Oborn MBA

Mark is the only person in Dental Online Marketing to have a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) majoring in marketing & creativity PLUS have run a dental business for 14 years and been working in dentistry for 23 years as a GDC registered technician. He's also a Master Practitioner of the communication modelling system, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) as well as being a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and a Master NLP Coach. He speaks the language of dentistry, communication and online marketing fluently.

Increase the number of reviews you collect

Increase the number of new patients by utilising those reviews

This interactive course includes a series of videos, resources and downloads to enable you to collect and use more reviews. Including 'copy and paste' email and SMS templates. The course includes an interactive discussion option where you can ask specific questions and seek help.
How to collect google my business reviews

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