Banishing unwarranted and damaging negative thoughts

An on-demand recording of a webinar given in May 2021

Every now and then we all struggle with unwarranted or damaging negative thoughts, they crop up at the most in opportune moments! This  1 hour 20 minute event will give some understanding to why this happens and also provide a series of techniques we can use to help control our mind using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

Let's discover together…

  • What NLP is.
  • What makes us think certain ways?
  • How to use a 4 step Cartesian logic system to challenge & change our own thinking patterns.
  • The 5 core principles of making a difference in the way we think.
  • The power of thinking big and small and how this can lead to overwhelm.
  • How to manage your state using a simple anchoring technique.
  • How to remove unwarranted anger with 1 simple action.
  • The power of Time Line Therapy, including an experiential test flight of the mind. An incredibly powerful mind control techniques which is something you can learn to do yourself, every day, to help relax and overcome negative thoughts.

Presented by

Principal Instructor for Marketing & Personal Development Courses

Mark Oborn MBA

Mark is the only person in Dental Online Marketing to have a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) majoring in marketing & creativity PLUS have run a dental business for 14 years and been working in dentistry for 23 years as a GDC registered technician. He's also a Master Practitioner of the communication modelling system, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) as well as being a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and a Master NLP Coach. He speaks the language of dentistry, communication and online marketing fluently.

Join me for an interactive exploration into your mind

An on demand recording of a webinar given in May 2021 for 1 hour 20 mins. Includes CPD certificate.

Learn how to control your mind and unwarranted negative thoughts. Includes a series of tips and mind tricks, as well as a timeline therapy experience, something you won't want to miss!

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