Course curriculum

  • 2

    Risk Reducing Incentives

    • Introduction

    • What type of incentive should we use?

    • Send a customised message

  • 3

    Email Marketing Set Up

    • Creating a preferences updated page

    • Setup an Aweber account

    • Setting up an Aweber e-mail marketing list

    • Creating an e-mail marketing template

    • Create all of your lists

    • Create your e-mail marketing opt in form

    • Automating List Hopping - Patients receive the right email at the right time

  • 4

    Free Guide Marketing

    • Create your free guide

    • Creating a download page for free guide

    • The anatomy of a good follow-up e-mail

    • Asking for GDPR consent within the body e-mail

    • Creating and automating an e-mail campaign

    • Getting your free guide marketing live on your website

  • 5

    Collecting Reviews

    • Collecting Reviews - The Process

    • Setting up your review campaigns

    • Importing patients to ask for a review

  • 6

    Resource library

    • 11 Replacing missing teeth free guide follow-up e-mail templates

    • 8 Straightening crooked teeth free guide follow-up e-mail templates

    • 3 Follow-up e-mails after requesting a consultation - IMPLANTS

    • 3 follow-up e-mails after requesting a consultation - INVISALIGN

  • 7


    • Increasing opt in consent rates

    • 4 PDF Resources

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