Communicating in a brave new world

A recording of a webinar that took place on 5 November 2020 with The British Dental  Association

As we all know, the world around us has changed significantly. Businesses are having to pivot on their services, skills and the way those services are marketed. How will these changes manifest in the brave new world? How will marketing change? And what can we do to ensure we continue to market our business in the right way? 

Learning objectives

  • Understand what is likely to change in marketing in our brave new world
  • Understand how your marketing message should change using four key principals 
  • Understand what help is out there to help you plan your marketing for this new world 
  • Understanding of what changes could be made to your website.

About the speaker

Mark Oborn

Mark is the only person in dental online marketing to have a Masters Degree in Business (MBA) majoring in marketing and creativity PLUS have run a dental business for 14 years and been working in dentistry for 23 years as a GDC registered technician. 

He is also a master practitioner of the communication modelling system, neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) as well as being a master practitioner of hypnosis and a master NLP coach. 

He speaks the language of dentistry, communication and online marketing fluently

We asked the delegates

‘What is the most useful action point gained from the webinar?’ - they said:

  • 4 c’s of marketing
  • Reduce risk and build trust
  • Changing our marketing strategy
  • Considering the patient journey
  • Contemplate the use of virtual consultation
  • Embrace technology
  • Endorse more virtual visits with patients 
  • How to build trust and communicate with patients
  • I like mapping treatment flow. 
  • It was interesting to hear about the platforms for engaging customers 
  • Make patients feel safe 
  • Making the most of initial phone triaging for appointment planning
  • Marketing ideas 
  • Multiple advantages of marketing and better understanding of it 
  • Not to be deterred from email marketing 
  • Plan systemic strategies 
  • Reduce risk and build trust 
  • Re-purpose of material, patient flow, virtual meetings 
  • That dentistry is a service 
  • The need for constant input to marketing and getting all the team to take part 
  • The unique importance of understanding the trade-off between risk and trust in a professional dental service. It is centred on trust more than anything else. 
  • To use email drops for marketing
  • Try to make patients feel safe
  • Update website 
  • Updating interactive communications 
  • Use of the digital platform 
  • Using a variety of methods for marketing I wasn't aware of. 

They went on to say that the webinar was:


  • Very organised
  • Enjoyable
  • Excellent webinar 
  • Excellent. 
  • Very informative 
  • Thanks for this 
  • Very good presentation 
  • Very good webinar. 
  • Very informative and well-presented. 

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